Oxidation Therapy

1996 was the beginning of my career to introduce Ozone Therapy into the UK. At the time, no one had ever heard of Ozone Therapy, and most of my friends and family had thought that I had lost the plot!

The progression of my life’s work in the field of Ozone Therapy is now distilled into Ozone Therapy Training and introducing innovation in medical ozone generators. The other area is the building up of the Ozone Society, a voluntary regulatory body that ensures patient safety and confidence in the field of Ozone Therapy in the UK.

This is achieved, by encouraging all professional ozone therapy practitioners to act with a code of ethics, be adequately certified in Ozone Therapy, and ensure compliance, good practice policies and health and safety requirements are in place.

I have practiced Ozone therapy for over 20 years and as a result the Urban Detox Concept was born. Today Urban Detox enables new practitioners to fast track their practice with confidence, compliance and as a result additional outlets have become increasingly available.

The online health questionnaire is available for your investigation to make better-informed decisions regarding treatment options and how long your treatment needs to be before seeing results that match the expectations and outcomes that are fully achievable with Ozone Therapy.

The role of Oxidation Therapy website is to inform practitioners and the pubic of the resources that exits in the UK.

Steven Karim BMS. Clin.Chem