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Medical Ozone Research Institute

Scientific Knowledge and Innovation

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of training along side research and innovations

The Institute is open to all Medical Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Complementary Health Practitioners.

We provide comprehensive training for all practitioners starting medical ozone in their practice.

The Institute aims to provide Medical Ozone CPD Training and Advanced Medical Ozone Training Courses in 2017

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Joseph Campbell

Ozone Society

The Ozone Society is the First Regulatory Body for the use of Medical Ozone in the UK

We ensure a code of ethics that are to service the public and practitioner

We abide by the Highest standards there by ensuring that our members are regulated to provide

Best Practice and Patient Safety

Standardizing Non Clinical and Clinical Methods of Application of Ozone Therapy

Compulsory Health and Safety in the use of Medical Oxygen and Medical Ozone Gas in the UK.